Programme: DFG – Priority Programme „The Active Self“ (SPP 2134)

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MIL OSI – Source: TU Berlin –

Headline: Programme: DFG – Priority Programme „The Active Self“ (SPP 2134)

Freitag, 19. Mai 2017…”The Priority Programme brings together cognitive and behavioural scientists from various disciplines, including psychology and robotics, to study the sensorimotor grounding of the human minimal self – a concept that relates to a person’s phenomenal experience in the here and now and to the question of how we perceive ourselves to be in a particular situation.[…]
The ultimate goal of the Priority Programme is to:provide empirically validated core mechanisms underlying the emergence of behavioural indicators of selfhood (including body ownership and personal agency);test how these core mechanisms generate a self in the course of ontogenetic development or the acquisition of expertise;integrate the knowledge about core mechanisms and their role in development and learning into a dynamic model of self-construction;design robotics experiments that can test hypotheses on the development of the minimal self; andadvance the state of the art in cognitive skills in robotics, in particular for human-robot interaction.This goal will be achieved by addressing five key questions:To which extent is the self plastic? (e.g., how and how much is self-representation affected by, and emerging from sensorimotor experience, cultural and situational factors)To which degree does the sensorimotor impact on the self rely on, interact with internal, endogenous constraints? (e.g., self-concept, body image)What are the roles of body ownership and agency? (e.g., are they independent factors or both emerge from event control)How does creating and having a self work back on sensorimotor skills and cognitive processes? (e.g., can particular kinds of self-perception increase or reduce cognitive abilities)What are the mechanisms and prerequisites that allow an agent to develop a self? (e.g., can robots develop a self)[…]
A preparatory workshop will be held in Fulda on 27 to 28 July 2017. If you plan to submit a project proposal within the SPP you are invited to participate in the workshop (one person per project proposal, minimally postdoc). Please register for the workshop by sending a project outline (1, max. 2 pages) by 23 June 2017 to Stephan Verschoor (”…
Einreichungsfrist: 10.10.2017
Hier finden Sie die vollständige Ausschreibung.
(Quelle: DFG Informationen für die Wissenschaft Nr. 24 | 18. Mai 2017)

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