Programme: DFG Priority Programme – “Electronic-Photonic Integrated Systems for Ultrafast Signal Processing” (SPP 2111)

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MIL OSI – Source: TU Berlin –

Headline: Programme: DFG Priority Programme – “Electronic-Photonic Integrated Systems for Ultrafast Signal Processing” (SPP 2111)

Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017…”Silicon photonics technology opens new horizons in combining optical devices with digital processors, memory, and software on a single chip. It allows for miniaturised optics, close proximity of optics and electronics, and reduces energy consumption and size. These new possibilities have the potential to break up the paradigm of separate domains of optical and electronic signal processing and require a thorough reconsideration how for example signal processing algorithms, signal processors, communication networks and sensors should be optimally realised in order to exploit the full potential of nanophotonic/nanoelectronic systems.
Thus, the goal of the Priority Programme is to address novel nanophotonic/nanoelectronic systems by investigating fundamental photonic-electronic signal processing concepts and novel integrated system architectures using electronic and photonic processing on the same chip. […]
Research ProgrammeProject proposals should target to disrupt fundamental limits of electronic signal processing by means of electronic-photonic signal processing using nanophotonic/nanoelectronic technology and integrated nanophotonic/nanoelectronic system design. Proposals may address the following three core areas of basic research: integrated systems for ultra-broadband photonic-electronic signal processing targeting bandwidth far beyond state-of-the-art electronic bandwidth as for example:signal processing techniques allowing for more than 0.5 THz contiguous bandwidth per optical or electronic carrier novel ultra-broadband photonic-electronic pulse shapers/modulators for ultra-broadband transmittersnovel ultra-broadband photonic-electronic receiversadvanced system concepts and algorithms making use of ultra-broadband signal processingintegrated systems for optical signal processing using femto-second-pulse-lasers targeting RMS jitter well below electronic jitter as for example:opto-electronic sampling and opto-electronic analog-to-digital-converters photonics-assisted frequency synthesis targeting extreme low jitter e.g. below 10fs RMSchip-scale low-phase-noise mode-locked lasers theoretical investigations of optical ADCs and frequency synthesizersIntegrated optical/THz sensing systems disrupting current limitations of state-of-the-art sensing systems as for example: optical phased-arrays for beam-steering applications in ranging and communicationextreme spatial and spectral resolution for integrated optical metrologyTHz bandwidth photonic/electronic signal generation and sensingcombinations of photonic and electronic sensors for sensor fusion”…
Einreichungsfrist: 24.10.2017
Hier finden Sie die vollständige Ausschreibung.
(Quelle: DFG Informationen für die Wissenschaft, Nr. 43, 13.07.2017)

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