Konferenzbericht und Audiomitschnitt: Society Through the Lens of the Digital

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MIL OSI – Source: Volkswagen Stiftung –

Headline: Konferenzbericht und Audiomitschnitt: Society Through the Lens of the Digital

Eva Stenskoeld (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Stockholm) said that data would bring changes to how academics seek funding and publish their work. As part of the open science movement, access to data is vital. And the entanglement of humanities and hard sciences as part of a wider digital transformation will ultimately lead to changes in how funding organizations can support research, and to changed governance. Open access, for example, may one day mean that rather than paying to read you’ll have to pay to publish.
In the end, the conference’s presentations made clear that data can be a tremendously valuable tool for social scientists of all stripes, provided it is paired with solid theoretical and historical awareness. From journalism to development economics, data alone can be dangerously easy to misuse; the unpredictability of human behavior is a poor fit for a purely data-driven approach. This is at once a challenge and an opportunity for social science, which has long sought to find new ways to understand and explain how societies tick. It’s also important to incorporate the humanistic elements of social science into the increasingly data-driven ways we interact with each other and ourselves, e.g. through online platforms and search algorithms.
All academic titles have been omitted.
Andrew Curry, Journalist
Volkswagen Foundation in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Armin Nassehi, University of Munich, Germany, Florian Süssenguth, acatech, Germany, Dr. Cornelius Puschmann, Hans-Bredow-Institute Hamburg, Germany
Speakers and Session Chairs included
Christopher Anderson (New York, USA), Dirk Baecker (Witten/Herdecke, Germany), Michael Bültmann (Berlin, Germany), Andreas Diekmann (Zurich, Switzerland), Leonhard Dobusch (Innsbruck, Austria), Elena Esposito (Modena, Italy), Christian Fuchs (London, UK), Mary L. Gray (Bloomington, USA), Deen Freelon (Washington, USA), Andreas Hepp (Bremen, Germany), Lorena Jaume-Palasí (Berlin, Germany), Bernhard Kaufmann (Munich, Germany), Wilhelm Krull (Hanover, Germany), Wiebke Loosen (Hamburg, Germany), Deborah Lupton (Canberra, Australia), Laura Mann (London, UK), Helen Margetts (Oxford, UK), Sophie Mützel (Lucerne, Switzerland), Jos de Mul (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Ortwin Renn (Potsdam/Munich, Germany), Ralph Schroeder (Oxford, UK), Jimmy Schulz (Berlin, Germany), Eva Stensköld (Stockholm, Sweden), Michael Vassiliadis (Hanover, Germany), Shunya Yoshimi (Tokyo, Japan)

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