Programme: DFG – Priority Programme „Soft Material Robotic Systems” (SPP 2100)

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MIL OSI – Source: TU Berlin –

Headline: Programme: DFG – Priority Programme „Soft Material Robotic Systems” (SPP 2100)

Dienstag, 29. August 2017…”The Priority Programme seeks to unravel the consequences of the shift from stiff to soft robot designs in a highly interdisciplinary context. Research in the proposed programme should help to make the power of the soft paradigm more accessible and to leverage this power for the development of more flexible and adaptable robotic systems.
The Priority Programme comprises five core research areas, in which the transition from stiff to soft robot designs is to be explored:  Soft materials: Soft material robotic systems benefit from the intrinsic compliance of the materials, some of which provide additional functionalities such as actuation or sensing capabilities. Design and fabrication: The design and fabrication of soft material robotic systems involves considerations regarding e.g. the choice of materials and the appropriate placement of actuators and sensors. Soft actuators and sensors:Soft material robotic systems feature soft and stretchable actuators and sensors and a high level of functional integration to the extent where the boundaries between individual components become blurred. Modelling and simulation: Systematic design, model based control as well as path planning schemes require appropriate descriptions of a soft robot’s behaviour and their interaction with the environment. Morphological computation and control:Morphological computation offers the opportunity to outsource computational tasks to a soft robot’s morphology affecting the way a soft robot is controlled.
The characteristics and principles inherent in soft material robotic systems should be explored by addressing the following key questions: How can the properties of soft robotic systems be effectively exploited?What opportunities arise from the use of soft materials with regard to[…]How can the principle of morphological computation be made applicable and what are the advantages and challenges?In which ways do soft robotic systems offer the opportunity of functional integration/fusion? What are the consequences of this functional fusion within a soft robotic system and how can advantages be exploited and challenges be met?What requirements must be met such that soft robotic systems can be used for human-robot interaction and how can these requirements be fulfilled? The programme is intended to be highly interdisciplinary in nature.”…
Einreichungsfrist: 29.11.2017
Hier finden Sie die vollständige Ausschreibung.
(Quelle: DFG Informationen für die Wissenschaft, Nr. 55, 29.08.2017)

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