About three quarters of wood logged in Germany came from conifers in 2017

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Source: Destatis Statistisches Bundesamt – In English

WIESBADEN – In 2017, 53.5 million cubic metres of wood was logged in Germany. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that coniferous trees accounted for just over three quarters or 40.9 million cubic metres. Among them, pine and larch accounted for 12.0 million cubic metres. Spruce, fir, Douglas fir and other coniferous trees were the largest item (28.9 million cubic metres), contributing more than half of the entire wood logged. 12.6 million cubic metres of deciduous trees was logged, which was just under a quarter of the total volume. 1.9 million cubic metres of oak and read oak was logged, while the volume of beech and other deciduous trees was 10.6 million cubic metres.
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